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His Early life

DJ Whoo kid is a famous hip hop representative musician. His real name is Yves Mondesir, he was born on October 12, 1972, in Brooklyn, New York. With Haitian origins, he was raised in a family in Queens Village, New York. He grew up in this area, and he has great and strong relation with Cap-Haïtien in Haiti.
He was initially one of the countless mixtape DJs in New York, he rose prominence among Queens native 50 cent. He featured freestyle exclusively and incredibly on his mixes. His production includes 50 Cent is the Future, No Mercy, God’s Plan and No Fear on mixes. He decided to follow 50’s huge breakthrough. Whoo kid was graced by the Queens rapper. The DJ mixed on releases like G Unit radio, International Ballers, Pt. 2.
The fact to include sound clips in his productions attributed him a worldwide fame, this recording brought him an echo effect for his DJ name. He got the opportunity to collaborate with artists like Jae Millz, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent and Raekwon.

His discography

Whoo kid became popular among the street-level rap middle and community. He started to collaborate with Snoop Dogg on mixes like Smokin Day, Pt. 2 and also Snoop for President. In 2003, Full Clip Records delivered a commercial mix for Whoolkid, Hool Radio, Vol. 1. This collaboration continued to rise the upstarts of the DJ’s reputation.
Totally, he released over 63 mixtapes all along his career, between 1995 and 2014. Therefore, The Mixtape King became his nickname.
He decided to associate with Richard Baker for a mixtape in 2012. Hool Radio v.1 is a successful mix of freestyles and is the fruit of free collaborations. Several musicians like Nas, N.O.R.E, Styles and Jadakiss and 50 Cent’s worked with him. “You Wanna Beef Wit Me ?” became a hit in the charts on the stereo. Mixed by DJ Whookid himself, the album was created for Full Clip productions. He imitates the sound of seemingly gun shots, just like 12 gauges cocked. Whoo kid is inspired and not obsessed by commercial rap. He prefers high quality creation and production.

His growing fame

From the hip-hop musical stage, today, everything occurs in the streets. In fact, any hip-hop artist who would like to manage, and maintain a reasonable success, has to stay linked to the streets. As an American Hip Hop DJ, he chose his stage name DJ Whoo Kid. Its subsidiary label is Shadyville Entertainment and he signed with G-Unit Records.
Within 4 years, Whoo Kid got the production more than 42 hip-hop and R&B street with various different mixtapes.
At the beginning, DJ Whoo Kid started to produce “beef tapes”, this step gave him the opportunity to open a forum to vent their issues and anger concerning other musician and artist industry. In fact, this forum allows to create the issues to the fans in the street. Several representatives of the entertainment community were present on the end of the famous “beef tapes”, some artists were not really pleased by the fact to be in the light in the “streets”.
DJ Whoo Kids’ big break occurred at the moment he produced the mixtape entitled “Goin’ Platinum” with the popular artist Busta Rhymes. “Goin’ Platinum” was one of the most bootlegged mixtapes in the streets during this period. The tape contributed to propelling Dj Whoo Kid in overall mixtapes sales in comparison with DJ Clue, he was at the top of the charts at that time. Host of “The Whoolywoood Shuffle” on Sirius/XM Radio Shade 45, he launched in March 2009 a video website: A sound clip was used shouting his DJ name, with an echo effect. On Shade 45, Eminem’s radio, he interviews many exclusive artists who usually don’t respond to Radio requests like Nicki Minaj or Floyd Mayweather.

Goin’ Platinum

The incredible street buzz which happened then, pushed and helped Whoo Kid to guarantee a good relationship with Violator Management and Records. Fortunately for him, he started to book his tours and shows, it was at that time, he built his celebrity clientele.
The success of Goin’ Platinum brought him to concentrate on producing mixtapes particularly. Celebrities received his creations. DJ Whoo Kid’s All-Star Birthday Bash corresponded to his next tape, it revealed a really hot video and feature movie director, Hype Williams. As a radio personality, and with many other celebrities and artists, he produced Murda Mixtape. This successful tape inspired the hit movie with Keanu Reeves, Matrix, the creation was sold in several thousand copies.