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Ace was born Antoine McColister in Broward County, Florida. After an injury took away any chance of a football career, Ace decided to go with the other activity in his life that he was good at, which is rapping. He was 17 years old, when he got together with the entertainment label, Dollaz & Dealz. That is where he recorded the hit « M.O.E. » (« Money Over Everything ») and it became an instant hit with Floridians. Ace stated to perform and network his music and image; this helped him to obtain the exposure he was looking for. He continued to perform locally to hone his skills. Then Ace decided to aim a bit higher; he set a goal to perform for DJ Khaled at his annual birthday bash.

Ace Hood met DH Khaled at the birthday bash and DH Kahled liked Ace right away. He liked Ace’s image and style. He also liked his « swag ». He was given a demo CD by Ace, and he left for a prior meeting. Well DH Khaled obviously loved what he heard, because he called Ace Hood’s manager that same night. DH Kahled said « I love his swag, I hear starvation in his music and I want to take a meeting with him. »

That meeting changed Ace Hood’s life, and he became the first artist signed to DJ Khaled’s label, « We the Best » distributed by Def Jam Records. He has since performed with many famous artists such as T-Pain, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Flo Rida, Akon, and Plies. Ace Hood is not just up and coming he is almost there. He has a style that is uniquely his own. Ace Hood has a hunger to make the best music, and go as far in this industry as he can.

Ace Hood is already making six figures at the age of 20. That is a far cry from what he was doing just over a year ago while rapping in Broward County Florida. He took a bold
chance and it paid off for him. Not too many young rappers would have the confidence or the courage to go right up to someone like DJ Khaled and promote himself. It was obviously the right thing to do. He has had nothing but good things happen to him since that day.

He has many fans including some of hip hops celebrity scene. He has fan clubs, and gets recognized everywhere he goes. He has graced a major magazine cover; done interviews, and has had many of his dreams come true. Ace said that he did not expect to break out so soon, he figured he would have to pay his dues for another five to ten years.

This kid has a lot of confidence and plenty of talent to back it up. He is destined to go far. He has been said to be an overnight success, and success has come quickly for Ace Hood. He has been on the cover of XXL magazine, he has a single « Cash Flow, » on the top of the charts, and he has a new album out « Gutta » that has many guest performers on it that is sure to climb to the top of the charts quickly. He has a promising career ahead of him, and this is one rapper that is sure to be around for a long time to come.