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After Mann recorded « Jerkin' » the song was eventually showed to Steve Lobel. Steve Lobel, at the time part of Sean Kingston’s management team, showed it to Sean’s producer J. R. Rotem. J. R. was inspired by the song and proceeded to remake the track for Mann in his studio, Beluga Heights.

« Jerkin' » was met with positive criticism but JR had another song that he had made with Sean Kingston called “Ghetto Girl” and he asked Mann to take the track. « I didn’t know what was going on, » said Mann. « All I knew was that these men got my music and were making moves, so I said im’ma just roll with it ». With the song finished Beluga Heights presented Mann to Epic and he was signed within 2 months to a singles deal. Eventually, Mann left Epic, but he continued creating music. Mann is currently working on his debut album Mann’s World which is set to be released in 2011. Of the album, Mann states « this album is going to be a mixture between Chronic, 2001 and Graduation, I want nothing less than perfection ».

Mann’s breakout single « Buzzin' » is based on producer J.R. Rotem’s chopped ‘n’ screwed sample of the 1986 Nu Shooz transatlantic pop/soul smash « I Can’t Wait » and Ohio Players 1973 single Funky Worm. Rapper 50 Cent is also on the official remix of the track. Within one week the remix video garnered over 3.5 million views. The song climbed into the Top 20 on Rhythmic stations across the nation and Top 10 in Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Denver and more. Mann recently made a future hit entitled: Bruiser with Big sue and Mc rider, the video was filmed on the ryelands estate and the westgate council estate morecambe.