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DJ Lucky Lou is a turntable maestro whose base of clientele and sponsors includes such powerhouse brands as Nike, Jordan, EA Sports, Monster Cable, Ecko Unlimited, G Shock, Hennessy, IN4MATION, Reebok and MySpace.

Coming to you by way of Jamaica, Queens, DJ Lucky Lou operates out of Southern California, where he is ecognized him as “one of L.A.’s hottest DJs.” He is a throwback to the deeply rooted craft of Disc Jockey artistry, learned in the ways of turntable mastery, mixing and MC’ing by some of the most elite DJs to ever spin a record.

Since beginning his DJ’ing career in the early 1990s, DJ Lucky Lou has put his skills on display at events in Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Miami and the islands of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, spinning at some of the hottest celebrity events around, including the Sundance Film Festival, the Winter Olympics, the Winter Music Conference, MAGIC, E3, Power Summit, SEMA, the Grammy Awards and the National Democratic Convention.

DJ Lucky Lou is a crowd pleaser with an uncanny ability to bring a party to life with his encyclopedic background of musical knowledge, ranging from disco, classic 80’s, rock, soul, funk, and electro house. Despite his diverse love of music, it’s DJ Lucky Lou’s love affair with hip hop that has fueled his amazing career, landing him behind the turntable at parties to open for some of todays music industry’s heavyweights, such as Jay-Z, P. Diddy, T.I. The Black Eyed Peas, & now his current group LMFAO

For all of his success and accomplishments, DJ Lucky Lou is a true gentleman who never takes his talents for granted and is forever honing his world-class DJ’ing skills.