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Eklips, whose real name is Eddy Blondeau, was born on May 27, 1980 in a French department called Saône-et-Loire. Also called Vocal DJ, Serial Beatboxer, Beatbox and Show Master, the rapper beatboxer and imitator is well known for imitating the famous French and American rappers and for reproducing vocally in a human beat box his favorite music.
The nickname Eklips was chosen by Eddy Blondeau for its double meaning: it refers to the rare and spectacular astral phenomenon, but also to the English word « lips », as the rapper uses his mouth as unique instrument.

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Early Life

Eddy Blondeau grew up in a quiet Burgundy suburb in a french region called Bourgogne and was passionate about basketball. He discovered the music by listening to his sister’s favourites (Michael Jackson and Mano Negra in particular). At the young age of eight, he began to practice beatboxing, by imitating different rhythms with his mouth. As a Fan of many French and American rappers, he discovered his talent of imitator by taking back the texts of his idols and copying their flow. In the process, it is said that the young Eddy imitated the ringing to fool the teacher and finished his courses earlier. With two childhood friends Eddy founded in 1990 a group called ZMC (Zulu Master of Ceremony) then another group called the KRIMINAL GANG supported and developed by the « Great ones of the quarter » (of which Christophe Chevaux, a famous world champion of athletics). Then, many local concerts followed.

Career beginning

In 1999, he became part of a rap group called « Le remède » (the remedy) with Sierra Oscar Fox. Eklips was already imitating via Remedy as in the famous French rap song « Le rap n’est pas mort » (Rap is not dead). The group released a street album in 2005 and then separated in 2008.
In 2003, Eklips arrived in Paris and made himself known with a video of beatbox retracing the history of hip-hop. But it was in 2008, when he took part in the tour of the famous french rap group “Supreme NTM”, that he made his name. In this period, Eklips performed in five concerts in Bercy and used the Internet to become better known.
His song “La Reformation” in 2010 got the buzz going, in this song he imitated two leaders of French rap, Booba and Ali of the group Lunatic. At this time, the group was separated but Eklips launched a video imitating Booba with meaning a return of the duo. Fans believed in a true reformation, so the imitator had to silence the rumors and revealed that he was the author of the video and not Booba. Booba did not like this imitation and said that he would like Eklips to « imitate someone else ». In the same period, Eklips participated to Kool Shen’s Last Round tour and impressed the audience by imitating Joey Starr.


In 2011, he participated to the French TV show « La France a un incroyable talent » (France’s got Talent) with a beatbox show. Three years later the imitation « polemic » with Booba, it is the rapper Rohff (the most famous rival of Booba) that criticized Eklips after he had released a song entitled « La Reconciliation » in which he imitated Booba and Rohff making peace.
After that, Eklips launched a show called « The Crazy Show » and in 2012, released his first EP entitled Skyzofrench Rap. Eklips did a world tour and launched his album « Monster », released in 2014, where he sang with his real voice. With this album, Eklips became not only an Imitator but a rapper in its own right. In 2014, on the set of the program Clique de Mouloud Achour, he beats the record of Eminem rapping 105 words in one minute.

Eklips does not consider himself a humorist like Nicolas Canteloup, he prefers performance to parody. In an interview, he says he wants to be associated with rap and not with the imitation of singers of other music types or spoken voices like politicians. The rapper says he is capable of imitating Mister You or LIM but is not interested in imitating them for now.

In 2017, he dropped « Lips Beat box Album« .


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Eklips  is a FME Booking Artist. For further info regarding bookings, contact us Now at