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Did you already hear about The Jillionnaire ? An atypical name for an original musician and artist. Trinidadian DJ and Music Producer, the artist got an incredible fame throughout the world.

Christophe Leacok was born on April, the 3rd, 1978 in Trinidad and Tobago. He grew up with his sister. He chose his stage name, The Jillionnaire and started his musician carrer in 1998. He composes a unique combination of indie dance and big room house. He is credited with bringing Caribbean rhythms of soca and dancehall.

He got a great success in 2009 at London’s Notting Hill Carnival, proposing a unique Tropical Bass sound. In 2010, he created a great performance at New Zealand’s Womad festival.

He is known as member of the famous electronic music group Major Lazer, he joined in 2011. This group was composed first of the DJ Switch and Diplo but then they decided to get separated. So, The Jillionaire and Walshy Fire replaced Switch in this composition. With Major Lazer, he went on to tour across the Netherlands, France and The United Kingdom. Since, two studio albums and one EP were produced: Apocalypse Soon, Free the Universe and Peace is the mission.

He contributed to various artists like Swick in “Ants Nest” and Phat Deuce in « FI DI GAL DEM ». In 2014, he released an EP called « Fresh », Salvatore Ganacci contributed to this step with the Universal Music label. Recently, he produced “Television” for the singer Bunji Garlin and teamed up with Fatman Scoop and Fuse ODG on « Sunrise » . As a correspondent for several blogs like Mag Decent or Okayplayer’s Large Up, he appeared on a documentary settled by National Geographic Music. Then he decided to create a Soundcloud account. He uploaded a lot of his solos and most of his contributions. He attracts more than 100.000 Instagram followers. About 20.000 fans follow him on twitter, so his popularity is always growing up.

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