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Lino is a French Rapper originally from Congo, who was born may 23rd 1974. He grew up in Villiers-le-Bel in the 95 area, and is a member of Ärsenik with Calbo.

Lino founded Ärsenik in 1992 with his Brother Calbo and his cousin Tony Truand. Together they participated to different albums like « L’art d’utiliser son savoir », « Hostile Hip Hop » and « L 432 ». Being Passi’s cousins (A Rapper from the Ministère Ämer), they were contacted by Kenzy, Ministère Ämer’s manager, who then founded Secteur Ä.

After joining Secteur Ä, Ärsenik collaborated with Stomy Bugsy, Passi and Doc Gyneco on their respective albums. Next to that, they produced the album « Quelques gouttes suffisent » in 1998 which would be a double Gold Record. Inside the group, Lino’s performances are particularly noticed and he multiplies solo appearances with Oxmo Puccino or Dog Gyneco, becoming a very respected rapper amongst his peers. During that time Ärsenik remained activ, joining Bisso Na Bisso and producing the album « Racines ».
In 2002, after four years, Ärsenik realised their second album « Quelque chose a survécu ». Eventhought they got another Gold Record, the album was less successfull than their first one. However, Lino’s performance, who realised two solo tracks (« Monsieur Qui » and « Paradis assassiné »), is praised. Lino then started his solo career, with tracks like « Punchline », « La révolte » or « Délinquante Musique ». He multiplied his collaborations with artists such as Rocca, Rim-K from 113, Médine or Wallen. He also wrote a song for Diams’ album, « Brut de femme ».

His solo album « Paradis assassiné » got out in 2005. It was partly produced by the American J.R. Rotem (Dr Dre’s Entourage). The Album contains featurings with Booba, Janik and other artists from the labem Ghetto Star. The album was praised for its lyrics.
Lino remained one of France’s most respected rapper.  After his album he regularly worked on projects with his Secteur Ä crew. First on the album « Noyau Dur » in 2005, realised by Pit Baccardi and the Neg’Marrons. In 2007 he collaborated  with Stomy Bugsy for Stomy’s new album.  Then, in 2009, he reunited with Bisso Na Bisso for the album « Africa ».

After Kery James and Booba, Lino signed a contract with AZ (Capitol),  a label from the Universal Music Group. He is often touring with his brothers Calbo (Ärsenik) and T-Killa (K.Ommando Toxik).