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Taz ‘s Angels are a « SisterWives » Crew based in Miami who created their own movement called Bad Bitches Link Up and their own Brand called Caviar Blaque. They tour, hosting parties in and outside the U.S.

The Crew started in 2009 with only Cat, Kinky, and of course Micheal Williams a.k.a Taz.

They organized and hosted parties with celebrities. They got famous for posting pictures via social networks of their parties, twerking, and showing their expensive lifestyle.

The Group’s members are currently :

–    CatDaGreat
–    AB
–    Kinky
–    Ruby
–    Leena
–    Ana Montanaa

Caviar Blaque was launched in 2014. To promoto their brand, they created an online contest where girls had to send pictures of themselves wearing Caviar Blaque or Bad Bitches Link Up clothes.

The winner will get the right to spend some time with the group and maybe even join Taz’s Angels.

They are currently working on a reality TV Show.