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Famous for their performances as crew members of several world acclaimed music industry celebrities, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois were born on December 6, 1988 in Sarcelles, France.
Figuring out early enough that they both were into celebrating the world through a common passion, they eventually ended up working as choreographers and, worlds communicating with one another, models.
Even though they got their respective nickname (namely « Lil Beast » and « Ca Blaze »), they are usually referred to as a pair under the label « Les Twins », emphasizing the identical physical features they share and their passion for dancing.
Learning on their own how to make their first moves, they got unveiled owing to « Incroyable Talent » French TV show in 2008.
Revered as skillful hip-hop dancers of a new genre, they both won America’s heart owing to a YouTube video getting viral as soon as it was uploaded, showing off their performance during the 2010 World of Dance tour.
With about 29 million views in mid 2015 and a prize won, back in 2011, they finally were offered positions as crew members for Beyoncé, among others.
Their past experiences as models conjugated to that newly acquired fame opened few doors on the way and they now can be seen in several French Haute Couture fashion design advertising campaigns. Recently, they even got fancy roles in the musical comedy « Cats » starring Jason Derulo. According to the twins, besides, Derulo is friendly above all and now gets their back as a « bro ».

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