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PNL Tarik and Nabil Andrieu

Independent French rap band, PNL which means Peace’N Lové, that you can translate Peace and Money, was formed in 2014. Two brothers, Tarik and Nabil Andrieu, (known as N.O.S and Ademo). This group is originating from the Parisian suburbs, Corbeil-Essonnes. They nicknamed the big structure of “Les Tarterêts’ the Zoo, hence their « Z » hands Symbol. Hip hop and cloud rap represents the genres of their music. In fact, the rappers started their career and are still performing nowadays. If you do not know the two brothers, you will be soon attached by their style and innovating music sounds.

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The two brothers from PNL are famous for their spleen, which inspired them and helped them to create. Apparently, they were bored and this state of spirit pushed to compose musical creations and rap style songs. During their childhood, the brothers lived some time in Brive (in the Corrèze department of France). They took part in the football team and club “L’Etoile sportive Aiglons” from Brive.
According to one of his two brothers, Tarik, these years spent in Brive were lived and considerated as an exile. Tarik was always singing and he recorder several cassettes, he even participated to an open stage to perform in Tulle0. Later, the two brothers really inspired by rap music, decided to create their band PNL. In fact, somewhere, the Correze contributed to the creation of their musical composition. This calm episode of life contributed to their creativity and later their success.


Nabil was born in 1989 and Tarik in 1986. René Andrieu, their father is a Pied-Noir native from Corsica. René, their father is a great figure in their community. They were brought up by their father, without their mother, native from Algeria.


Their debut album was entitled “Que la famille’, this recording was released in 2015.
A second album followed on 30 October 2015, the group named this new creation “Le monde Chico”. This album received a really well positive welcome, in fact, this opus was certified gold some months later after its release, in March 2016. They actually sold 50,000 copies only in France.

Since 2016

A third album was imagined, built little by little and finally composed. These records were called “Dans la légende”, launched in September 2016. This one as well, like the second one was certified Triple-Platinum, the album was sold over 300,000 copies in France. The album got an incredible success over the frontiers : over than 400,000 copies were bought totally within five countries all around Europe.
In fact, this mysterious group kept their private life quite secret just like their youth and family life with their father. They really succeed in mastering their different public apparitions.
They really possess their own style, completely unique, which does not look like to another rapper or hip hop band.
Within two years, they succeeded in getting to gold certifications which confirmed their talent and their legitimate place in the upper French rap universe.
This French rap duo is at the head of the French charts.  They are surfing from record to record. They are appreciated by the rappers’universe. The two brothers do no communicate with the journalists and they did not grant any interview.

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