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There has never been a group quite like this. The world’s greatest beatboxer, the world’s greatest freestyle mc, and one of the best turntablist/producers that is still carrying the torch for The Rock Steady Crew and real hip hop music. This trio has been friends for a long time, and always wanted to perform together. A few years ago, The Magnificents formed and history was made. They set out and did a test run of less than 10 shows in the United States and Europe. And then hosted Rock The Bells in 2008. Of course, the response was incredible. And so now the time has finally come… The Magnificents are set to start their world tour. This is something very special, very different, and quite possibly a one-time only run. This may never be done again….

So you are probably asking, why is it so special and what is this show like? Here is what to expect at The Magnificents show:

With Rahzel, a human instrument, known for being able to do beats on demand, and Supernatural, the Guiness Book of Records World Champion freestyler, most of the entire show is improvised. Yes, that’s right… No two shows are ever exactly the same and different things happen each night. Every show is special. So you may be asking, “what do you mean improvised?”.

This is what you might see at The Magnificents show…

There are some staples in the set such as a part when Supernatural freestyles impersonating different Mcees and Rahzel does the beats from that MC. Supernatural might be rhyming as if he is Slick Rick, Biggie, Busta Rhymes, etc… and Rahzel will be doing Slick Rick, Busta Rhymes and Biggie beats. There are parts when they let the audience make requests, give us words for Supernatural to incorporate into his freestyle story, yell out different beats for Rahzel to do, and DJ JS-1 coordinates different scratches that go along with the topic chosen by the crowd. Of course Supernatural also rhymes about different objects in the crowd. Rahzel does a part where he rhymes and Supernat beatboxes! There is a part where Supernatural rhymes about Rahzel being a human drum machine, plays the drums on Rahzel’s chest and Rahzel switches up the drum beats according to what Supernat is rhyming about. There is a part where DJ JS-1 cuts up different old school break beats and they create a new song each night live on stage. Some nights different things take place that never happen again. One time, Rahzel broke into the Gold-Digger beat by Kanye West and was doing the beat and the Ray Charles vocals, and Supernatural freestyled a whole song about a girl taking his money. It’s something you will NOT see any where else. During the show, they also sneak in some of their known solo performances, but for the most part, the entire show is made up on the spot every night. Now, most groups could never attempt this, but these three guys are not just any group, this is what they do, and have been doing individually for decades. The show is very interactive with the crowd, fun, different, and since it is all improvised, everyone listens more closely because you never heard it before and might miss something that cannot be duplicated or repeated. It’s a lot of fun.