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The Product G&B is an R&B duo made up of Sincere (David McRae) and Money Harm (Marvin Moore-Hough). They were associated with Wyclef Jean’s The Refugee Camp.

Since their debut in 1998, the duo lent their vocals to several tracks on Pras’ Ghetto Superstar album, including the single « Blue Angels ».

Wyclef Jean convinced Arista Records chief Clive Davis to release « Maria Maria », the duo’s collaboration with Carlos Santana, which contributed to Santana’s « Supernatural » album eventually selling over 30 million albums worldwide. The song became a worldwide number one hit and 15 times platinum winning. Maria Maria was named the 14th most successful song on the Billboard-History Hot 100 « last decades » and the second most successful song of all-time in the Latin-Charts. In the year 2000 the song Maria Maria wasGrammy awarded. The Product G&B also releasedthe singles, « Cluck Cluck » (US- Dance-Charts No.13) and « Dirty Dancin » and 15 more songs.

In 2008, The Product G&B were featured on 50 Cent’s « Tired of Being Broke ». In 2009, The Product G&B were featured on Squala Orphan’s song « U Don’t Know » from the album Unheard Cries.

In 2011, Sincere along with rapper Mike Street formed the rock band Guitars N Bandanaz.

On May 31, 2013, the melodic duo started to capture the music-world again they released the record V.I.P. together with Kay One. The song V.I.P. hit the charts straight from 0 to top 4 in different European countries.

At present the Product G&B is touring in Europe and recording their new single (release September 2013) and their album inkl. featurings with several worldwide renowned music artists.