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His youth

Kaaris, the French rapper is originally named Okou Armand Gnakouri. He was born on 30 January 1980 in Ivory Coast, then he grew up in Sevran, a city localized in the north eastern suburb from Paris, in the department 93, Seine-Saint-Denis.
He got the opportunity to return to his native Ivory Coast for some time. And he decided to come back to France because of the political unrest in the African country.

His major albums

Kaaris, his stage name, started rapping in 1999, and then two years later, he released his first mixtape.
He created a street album entitled “43eme Bima” in 2007. In 2012, the French rapper released a popular street album called “Z.E.R.O”. He launched his new production that he signed with the independent label called French Cut Music.
This production was his first album and a mixtape. It was at that moment that he recorded two studio albums, entitled « Or Noir and Or Noir Part II ». He collaborated at that time for his first “baby” with Therapy Music/AZ/Universal Music label. Kaaris was known for his debut album “Or Noir”, created in 2013. On French music charts, the album peaked at the 3rd position. In fact, his major album was produced by Therapy Music/ AZ / Universal Music on 21 October 2013.

His collaborations

He was really lucky when he met another the well-known French rapper Booba. They both collaborated with other producers like Therapy. This meeting and common work brought him the following recording. “Criminelle league”. This single was a part of Booba’s album entitled “Autopsie Vol. 4”. It was at that time that Kaaris got his first charting hit called “Kalash”. This tube was credited to Booba, in fact Kaaris appeared in Booba’s album whose name was “Future”.
Kaaris wrote in collaboration with other artists most of his materials with record producer duo, Therapy, composed of producers 2031 and 2093. He worked with Niro, the rapper, on a single entitled “La Mort ou Tchitchi’, this hit was a music chart-ranked in 2014, at the moment.

His genres

In fact, Kaaris brought in his albums, mixtapes and street albums different styles of rap: French rap, Trap, Gangsta Rap, Hardcore rap.

Booba, Lacrim, Niro, Kalash criminal, Blacko, Future and Gucci Mane are some of the musicians who worked with Kaaris. Presently, he is still working in collaboration with French rappers and get many musical projects. According to his movie carreer, he had the opportunity in 2015, to play in the French film “Braqueurs”, perhaps the beginning of future collaborations in the 7th art.