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Making its first debut in 2009, Lyre Le Temps is a unique band from Strasbourg, France—with music influenced by America’s Swing music of the Roaring Twenties, mixed with aspects of modern-day Electronic and Hip-Hop genres.

Lyre Le Temps has a few members: Ludovic Schmitt (commonly known as Ry’m) is the singer, Quentin Babst (commonly known as DJ Q) is their exclusive DJ, Marc-Antoine Schmitt (commonly known as just Marco) is the bassist, and Samuel Klein (commonly known as just Sam) is their drummer.

Currently, the band has released a total of 4 albums, 2 extra versions of existing albums, and 2 EPs; as listed below:

  1. Lady Swing – (2010)
  2. Outside the Box – (2013)
  3. Outside the Box (Extended Version) – (2014)
  4. Back From The Future – EP (2015)
  5. Prohibition Swing – (2016)
  6. Clock Master – (2019)
  7. Clock Master (Live Acoustic) – (2019)
  8. My Generation – EP (2019)

Source : Reddit

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