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The artist rapper Rim’k s original name is Abdelkrim Brahmi. At the head of eight albums presently, Rim’k is an French artist with Algerian origins. He is part of the musical group entitled 113 and he is followed by Frenesik label, he is coming from the french department 94, Val de Marne.

His youth

Born on 21 June 1978 with Algerian parents (from the village of Barbacha, in Béjaïa, in Algeria), Rim’k created in 1994 the band 113 with AP and Mokobé. The figure 113 represents the number of the street of his original suburb. The success of the band contributes as well to the creation of many artists like Mafia K’1 Fry, a collective they are part of.
His parents are Algerian and Rim’K is really proud of his origins. He does not hesitate to reveal and show this point in his music and compositions.
In 2004, Rim’K decided to create a recording composed in solo with the album called “L’Enfant du pays”. He speaks a lot about Algeria, the country and his parents. Mokobé and AP participated to some songs. Many singles are extracts of this album, among them, “Rachid System” with a woman singer called Chaba Zahouania. He is known as well for his title in the album, “Les Princes de la ville, Tonton du Bled”.
With Mooch, Rim’k is a creator of the production entity Frenesik.

Beyond Music

He collaborated with Reda Taliani for a movie music “Il était une fois dans l’Oued” with Julien Courbey. On 26 November 2007, Rim’k made a great comeback with his album “Famille nombreuse” produced witj Reda Taliani Delim and Noulou and “Le Gros” with the Affranchis group. He realized a compilation entitled “Maghreb United”, 40 artists collaborated with him on this project. The hit “Célébration”, he is interpreting with his band 113, Awa Imani and the comic and famous actor Jamel Debbouze was part of the album “Universel” composed with the band 113 in 2010.
In 2012, his album “Chef de famille” showed many titles featuring Francisco, Booba et Despo Rutti. He associated with Régis Hautière for a comic entitled “Ghetto poursuite”. In 2015, he participated to the creation of “Tristesse” in memory to 13 November attack. His new album of 2016 “Monster Tape” got a great welcome in the French audience (more than 17,000 sales), he became father the same year with the birth of his little boy. Recently in 2017, he launched the album “Fantôme” which attracts his fans and many other rap enthusiasts.

Rim K is a FME Booking Artist. For further info regarding bookings, contact us Now at