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Willy William – Booking

Willy William became famous in 2003 following his collaboration with DJ Flex on the dancefloor hit « B Boyz Shake da Body« . In 2004 he followed up by releasing the very successful « Tragédie », a title he produced under the nick name of Lord William.

Then, and all while continuing to separately produce his own material, Willy William joined the French Zouk Ragga Band « Collectif metissé ». His collaboration with the band yielded many successes like « Laisse-toi Aller bébé ». A hit that reached the second spot in the French music charts in 2009.

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For over a decade, Willy William has managed to seduce a world wide audience through a number of fresh releases. And thanks to his unique Latino style that has a very special African touch to it, he earned countless distinctions in all parts of the world.

The Mauritian Sega Hit « Li Tourner » was awarded a golden disk and earned the NRJ DJ award in 2013. « EGO » exceeded 300 millions views on youtube and was awarded in many European countries by golden & platinum discs. It even earned a multi platinum disc in the Netherlands that was certified by the famous label SPINNIN RECORDS. The hit then went on to become the most shazamed French single in the world.

Willy William also had many successes as a producer for artists like DJ Assad, Collectif Metissé and Keen’V. He also featured remarkably on songs by artists such as Les Jumo, Cris Cab, Ryan Stevenson and Ridsa.

June 2015, saw the release of Willy William’s first solo single « Te quiero ». The single remained 9 weeks in the French Top Pop Music Charts where it peaked at number 24. In Early 2016, Willy William teamed up with Keen’V to produce a new single « On s’endort ». This single was also an instant hit and acted like a kind of a prelude to the later release of « Une Seule Vie » which is the artist’s only solo album so far. « Une Seule Vie » contains 16 songs and features a couple of high profile singers like Vitaa, Willy Denzey et Keen’V. It remained in the French Top Album Charts for 31 weeks and reached the spot number 12 where it remained for two weeks.

Willy William is very sought after to share the stage or to be the opening act (Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or Beyoncé) in their world tours. He also performed in multiple musical venues around the world mainly in Morocco, Poland, Spain, Canada and The US where he was a guest during the World Music Conference in Miami.

The hit « Mi Gente » is beyond a billion views on Youtube. The artist was nominated for the french NRJ Awards. In autumn 2017, Beyoncé remixed « Mi Gente » to raise money for the Caribean and Houston natural disasters victims.

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Willy William is a FME Booking Artist. For further info regarding bookings, contact us Now at