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Willy William hot show in Nice

Willy William was nominated for the NRJ Music Awbooking willy williamards and gave a wild performance in Nice this week end. Read also : Mi Gente hits a billion views on Youtube | Beyoncé joins force on Mi Gente Remix for Charity

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Willy William became famous in 2003 following his collaboration with DJ Flex on the dancefloor hit « B Boyz Shake da Body » . In 2004 he followed up by releasing the very successful « Tragédie », a title he produced under the nick name of Lord William. Then, and all while continuing to separately produce his own material, Willy William joined the French Zouk Ragga Band « Collectif metissé ». His collaboration with the band yielded many successes like « Laisse-toi Aller bébé ». Read the entire bio of Willy William