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Young American hip-hop group consisting of two brothers: Ayleo Bowles aka « Ayo » (22) and Mateo Bowles aka « Teo » (19). Dancers, Choreographers and Rappers Ayo & Teo are a multi talented group that no longer presents.

The Beginnings:

Influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Missy Elliott and Chris Brown, the two brother’s start very early in the business and develop their own style and gain popularity by constantly publishing small videos from their neighborhood and their living room.
A real phenomenon and a dance lover since childhood, the band has a « Dancing Challenge » that will help increase their popularity with the public. With breathtaking creations, choreographies and dance steps, including the famous « Reverse » which simply reverses the movements of popular dances such as Nae Nae or Crunk. The challenge has caught on the web and there is even a song dedicated to the challenge titled ‘In Reverse Prod. Jazzepha & Cory Mo’ with about 10 million views currently.
In search of more visibility, the two brothers launched their YouTube channel « Ayo & Teo » to present their prowess in dance and their daily life irresistible and fun young teenager. The channel now has more than 4,500,000 subscribers and an impressive 126 million views. Instagram being another very important network, the young brothers are also very popular there and count today a little more than 2.9 million subscribers on Instagram. With a popularity rating that continues to climb, the two prodigies participate in 2016 and 2017 in the famous dance competition called « World of Dance ».

From dance to music:

Very good dancers and very good choreographers, the two brothers are also very good singers. In 2017, they create the Buzz and explode records with the single Rolex with over 700 million views on social networks and all other platforms and even reached the 20th place of Billboard Hot 100. Inspired by the #rolexchallenge, the song quickly became viral. The first video of « Rolex » has been viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube in a few months.
Young and talented, the two brothers have even managed to attract the respect of the greatest like Chris Brown who, big fan of the Duo, has already had to share videos of the group on his Instagram account many times. With very famous appearances like the one with USHER at the BET 2016, or in his music video « No Limit », The last year they were in the video of Chris Brown « Party » as well as many other interventions in the videos of popular artists such as Lil Yachty, Oh Prince Boy, Dlow, Anysa and Polo Frost.

In 2018, Ayo and Teo were showcased in a JBL commercial, and performed on ‘wild N out’ and were featured at Phillip Plein’s 2019 spring / summer fashion show. In March 2020, Ayo and Teo created dance moves for Drake’s the « Toosie Slide ».

Currently the duo have a headphone deal with FanStereo and create dance for Fortnite. The two are not only skilled rappers and dancers but are also extremely musically inclined. Ayo is self taught on the piano, trombone, and the drums. The duo has released hit singles including In Reverse, Rolex, Lit Right Now, Like Us, Better Off Alone, and Hold My Sauce. Their latest hits include Ay3, Fallen Angels, and Friends (ft. B Smyth) which can be streamed on all media platforms.

With ambition to have fun, take pleasure and not take things seriously, the Duo who continues to make people talk promotes positivity and love of art. Always play hard same when it is a game. With a creative mind and a dedicated spirit at work, we will end up hearing about this Duo who continues to revolutionize dance with his movements and new steps of revolutionary dance. You can also follow them on their different accounts to be aware of all their news.

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