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Lacrim – Booking

Lacrim, one of the most famous personalities of French rap, has been successful since 2013-2014. Very difficult to set, with his image and his various issues with the justice making him the representative of gangsta french rappers. 
His real name Karim Zenoud, Lacrim, was born April 19, 1985 in Paris, with parents originating from Algeria. He has two children, a boy and a girl.

Youth and childhood :

Since life in the stree tis not easy at all, Lacrim has multiplied disciplinary failures. Burglaries, robberies, he will multiply the convictions until 2001, when he will enter prison for the first time. He will return three times, in 2002, then in 2003 and in 2009 to the nursing home. Released in 2006 from two and a half years of imprisonment, he moved in to Spain where he spent three years before returning to France where he decided to embark in the music industry.

From the street to the music:

Back in France, Lacrim moved in to Marseille and took advantage of his few contacts in the rap game to try his luck in music. Close to Mister You, met in prison, he regularly collaborates with him, and participates in his rise, especially by collaborating on the famous marketing strategy of the sliders slipped into the CD cases.

Lacrim is gradually making a name in the world of rap, multiplying the featurings, and focusing on a very gangsterized imagery. December 17, 2012 i Always the same was released, with a large number of featurings, including Niro, Seth Gueko, Rimkus, Luciano Rat, HayceLemsi, Mister You, Wanis, StillFresh, Lea Castel, Medina, Kamelenouvo, Kalash L ‘ Afro and Klakette. Sentenced to four years in prison (including two suspended sentences), lacrim is incarcerated in 2013 for a robbery case dating back in2002. He manages to stay in good graces with numerous featurings recorded before his incarceration.

In addition, its situation provokes a wave of support from the public, the hashtag #LiberezLacrim is launched on Twitter and t-shirts and tracksuits with writing « Free Lacrim » are marketed. Its popularity continues to increase. He signed at Def Jam France and published a 10-title EP entitled Born to Die. This disc climbs to the 12th place of the French charts.

On September 1, 2014, Lacrim released his first major album titled Corleone, which became a commercial hit, later becomes the best-selling album of the year’s top albums and was rewarded a gold record to celebrate the 50,000 sales mark. He is now certified platinum.

In March 2015, following the discovery of fingerprints belonging to him in an apartment of a drug scene in Marseille, but also an AK-47, an arrest warrant is ordered agains thim. This will start a long run. Lacrim fled to Morocco and spent his run between Spain and Morocco during which he prepared the mixtape R.I.P.R.O. volume 2, and takes care of his children. After 5 months on the run, the rapper goes to the police saying he is tired of this run.

The week of June 1st, R.I.P.R.O. Volume I reaches the top spot of the French Top Albums. The mixtape becomes gold in one month. Volume 2 of the mixtape is released on December 11, 2015 is certified platinum disc and further certified gold record a month later confirming the success of Volume 1.

After a year in prison, he was released on November 28, 2016. When he left, he took the path to the studio and the result was: A new album, Force & Honor, double-platinum, and a series of same name, broadcast on Youtube. Later, he launched his own label, Plata o Plomo, with the ambition of producing young talents of French rap.

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