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Post Malone, by his real name Austin Richard Post is an American singer and art director from Dallas, Texas, born July 4, 1995 in Syracuse, New York. Austin Post begins in music while he was stillin high school, playing in a heavymetal band.

Most people think that his stage name is in reference to basketball player Karl Malone but no! Despite being a fan of basketball, his nickname came from a rapper name generator in which he wrote his real name « Austin Post » and the site suggested « Post Malone ». This happened while he was only fourteen years old.

Beginnings :

After leaving college, Post Malone moved in to Los Angeles with his bestfriend Jason Probst. There, along with other musicians, they form the hip-hop group BLCKVRD. 
He released his first single in February 2015, titled « White Iverson », meanwhile the video got a million views, it drew the attention of Republic Records, which signed him in August 2015.

This single is an unexpected hit4 and is currently reaching more than 600 million views on YouTube. This created an impulsion around the rapper and allowed him to work with 50 Cent, then to perform at the 18th birthday party of Kylie Jenner, where he meets Kanye West. The two artists collaborated on « Fade », single from « The Life of Pablo ». He then became friend with Justin Bieber and was the first part of the Canadian singer’s « Purpose » tour.

First mixtape and first album

Post Malone released his first mixtape on May 12, 2016. It is titled « August 26 » and featured with 2 Chainz, Jaden Smith, Jeremih and Lil Yachty. August 26th was the original scheduled release date of his first studio album. Later, on June 9, he appeared for the first time on television and played his single « Go Flex » on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Originally scheduled for August 26, 2016, his album, entitled « Stoney » was finally released on December 9 of the same year and ranks 6th on the Billboard 200. On top, wef ind the single « Congratulations », with Quavo featuring, which will be his first song in the top 10 of Billboard and « Deja Vu », where we can see his friend Justin Bieber.

The confirmation

In February 2017, Post reveals that he isworking on a new album entitled « Beerbongs and Bentleys » scheduled for December 2017. 
Before that, in September 2017, Post Malone released the first single, « Rockstar », with 21 Savage featuring, which is number 1 of the Billboard for eight consecutive weeks. 
2018 starts very quickly with the release of a new title on February 23, « Psycho », co-signed by Ty Dollar Sign. Hit in power, « Psycho » returns directly 2nd in the Top 100 and proves once again that Post Malone is here to last.

His album « Beerbongs & Bentleys » was finally released in April 2018 and beats all the streaming records from the day of its release. Four daysl ater he is certified platinum. Three of the songs in the album are in the Top 10 of Billboard, while 6 finish in the top 20.