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Jillionnaire @GUMBALL3000 Rally 2019

The incomparable DJ @Jillionnaire is currently on the road for the @GUMBALL3000 Rally 2019, joined by the special and talented @therealswizzz, @notemarcato, @megumbal3000, @therealeve, @davidhasselhoff, @jodiekiddofficial, @therealkengriffeyjr, @djandypurnell and @martin2smoive.

The main words are : supercars and superstars !

With this kind of crew, the year 2019 will be the witness of a @GUMBALL3000 Rally’s new edition on fire !

This year, this spectacular annual luxury automotive road trip through 3 000 miles is going to explorate different parts of Europe : Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Budapest, and even more with Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Porto Montenegro, Tirana, and finally Athens and Mykonos.

As usual, several thematic parties, huge live music concerts and exclusive and fancy cars shows will go along with the @GUMBALL3000 event.

In this way, the famous producer and DJ @Jillionnaire is taking part into a monumental organization with selected VIP celebrities and over a million of other participants. 
The @GUMBALL3000 Rally is a lifestyle brand wich is mixing automobiles, fashion and pop culture, in order tu provide a unique experience to everyone.

Moreover, the #GUMBALL3000 is also a Foundation that raises money. 
A part of the money collected is aimed to support youth based projects and to improve important domains such as education or everydaylife for low income communities.

So, more than a spectacular and luxury event hosting VIP celebrities and concept cars, the @GUMBALL3000 Rally 2019 accepted this year again the challenge to give a unique experience and help projects at the same time.