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DJ Moh Green – Anthem 2019 CAF Africa cup of nations

As usual this 2019 CAF Africa cup of nations is not only a festival of football goals, fair-play and trophies but also a festival of colours, lights, languages, cultures and music. DJ Moh Green who has been chosen to create and produce the hymn that will link the whole Africa to the planet of football has succesfully mixed all those uplifting elements in the single « African proud » produced for the occasion. 

For this purpose he kept in mind the hip-hop spirit of collaboration by inviting others urban music emerging stars of his creative generation to join him : Wally B seck, Iba One, Josey, Fanicko, Stanley Enow, Kafon, Héritier Watanabe, Bgmfk, Dub Afrika. This musical squad is composed of some of the countries represented in the cup games. They are also representative of the flavours and voices of african musical authencity. We can cite among the influences the rumba source of someone like Héritier Watanabe , the reggae tones of Dub Afrika, the cameroonian cultural diversity by Stanley Enow…, added to the Algerian origin of DJ Moh Green himself. 
Released on june 11th, 2019, « African Proud » is accumulating views in YouTube, on televisions programs as well as radio audiences. It’s « For Africa », as the chorus put it.