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JASON DERULO: release of his new title « so HOT ! »

September has arrived, summer is over, temperatures are dropping and bodies are stiffening… Yes, it’s back to school time for everyone! No more wild evenings dancing to the dancefloor to lively music. But while some people get depressed when they return to work, others have not yet said their last word. For some artists like Jason Derulo, summer and its heat are indeed still present.

Jason Derulo then chose to make his comeback with a new single that was always more dancing and always hot! The so-called « Too Hot » thus closes the idea of cooling in the coming weeks. Attention ladies and gentlemen, Jason Derulo is in the house and still as sexy as ever in his video! « We could go up with the lights down low. Girl, it’s too hot to keep on these clothes » he claims loud and clear….

While the artist’s fans are eagerly awaiting his fifth album called « 2Side » (which still has no release date), Jason Derulo is warming everyone’s hearts and making his ladies want to take their place on the dancefloor again.

« Baby, it’s too hot for clothes »