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Iggy Azalea teases fans about her new EP dropping in November

The 29-year-old Aussie rapper is working harder than ever.
This summer, she dropped her second LP « In My defense » and only three months later she is working again on some more music.

In response to one of her fan, she teased about her new project, saying that she was recording until the early morning. The message posted on her Twitter immediately sparked speculation and it was not long until she confirmed the assumptions: yes she will drop a new EP in November !

If you are wondering, there’s apparently no way that she will be using any leftovers of « In My defense ». She responded to a fan asking: « So I would never take something from a previous project that wasn’t good enough to make the cut and then slop it onto a new one. That’s madness. »

Do you remember the single she teased last month? Well, that will presumably be one of the songs of this new EP. Most expect it to sample a famous song from the 50’s that will feature several other girls. However, no one knows yet who these girls might be.

In other news, she recently hinted that she might open her own yoga studio. Is she considering a career change after the flop of her last album? With the announce of her new EP, apparently not! Iggy seems to have quite a few projects going on at the moment and she is willing to fight for it.

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