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Raised in Atlanta, where he moved in 1989 with his single mother, Radric Delantic Davis AKA Gucci Mane got his true calling for art in his early childhood. Born on February the 12th of 1980 in Bessemer, Alabama, the American artist’s family was torn apart by serious drug issues, with a father on the run for years.
By the age of 14, Mane was already rapping, figuring out that poetry, that was still to provide him a great deal of joy, was not enough.

Life debut and rap true calling for a life surrounded by drugs

Set up on his journey to a brighter future owing to a HOPE Scholarship, he had yet to encounter drugs on his path once again.
Evolving in a high criminality rate urban area, he ended up dealing with cocaine and eventually got caught in 2001. Serving a 90 days sentence in jail, he got back to his first love: music.
Aiming for the top since then, Gucci Mane has become a major player in the industry, creating trap music, a hip-hop subgenre, through his first album ‘Trap House’.
Released in 2005, that debut musical art piece was the first step of a successful journey involving collaboration with Drake, Selena Gomez and Mariah Carey, among others.
Founding 1017 Records, his own label, in 2007, he is known, for being part of major influencers shaping the last decade rap music, with artists such as Young Thug, 21 Savage and Lil Yachty.

Prison time for a man on a mission

Going through a lot while managing his label and facing personal issues, he visited jail few times. He finally met his limits when in 2013, he was caught in possession of two loaded guns.
Nonetheless, stretching his jail time was something for his art to develop, as Mane still got things to expose through his lyrics.

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Discography, fimlography and awards

Apart from being a pioneer in Trap music birth, Gucci Mane is a prolific artist.
15 studio and 2 collaborative albums, 84 singles, 10 promotional singles, 72 mixtapes, 3 compilation albums, 7 extended plays and 1 soundtrack are released between 2005 and 2019.
‘Woptober II’ and ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ being his freshest creations, Mane’s got what it takes for some people to be willing to see him playing his own role in several films.
From ‘No Pad No Pencil’ in 2007 to ‘The Spot’ in 2015, Radric Delantic Davis playing Gucci Mane, has thus contributed to those movies success.
Along the way, the rapper has of course gained communities respect. BET awards, BET Hip Hop awards and MTV Video awards are to count among the recognition signs that Gucci enjoys today.