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Felix Laman, better known as Yung Felix is a Dutch hip-hop artist and DJ who grew up in Leusden, The Netherlands.

He got his artist name when collaborating on the SLBMG project (Ski Leraar Bruin Money Gang – Ski Teacher Brown Money Gang) with Faberyayo, Sef, Spacekees in 2011.

He was then producing the mixtape Ski or Die and was constantly called Yung Felix by the others, Yung being a merge between the words Young in English and Jong in Dutch – Felix was only 20 years old at that time. He was initially not too keen on being called like that but eventually he decided to use it as his artist name.

Between 2013 and 2016, Felix worked a lot with the Amsterdam-based Yellow Claw DJ and record production group. In 2013, he released his first single called Dancefloor Champion, which unfortunately didn’t hit the charts. A few months later, he released another track called Doag with Great Minds and Kleine Viezerik.
After several years of radio silence, Felix came back on the scene in 2017 with new singles created with people like Bizzey, Josylvio, Adje and Hef. End of 2017, he produced the single Vroom for Famke Louise and Bokoesam, which received media attention and hit two million views within a week.
In January 2018, yet another single Ja! born from a collaboration with Bizzey, Kraantje Pappie and Chivv that reached the first place in the Single Top 100 and fifth place in the Dutch Top 40.

In March 2018, single Loco featuring Poke was released and scored 100 million views. Felix decided to celebrate this by having “100M” tattooed on his right arm.

Yung Felix is one of the most demanded beat makers and DJs in the Netherlands. He definitely knows how to create great dance beats and to get moving hips on the dancefloor. Often seen bare chest and always with a golden tooth, Felix has been controlling the Club circuit with his talent in the Netherlands. To get his smashing DJ sets, he uses a combination of his own productions and almost anything ratchet.

Felix recently won the FunX Music Award in the Best DJ category and joined the Noah’s Ark Label focusing on his own releases. And there are big plans coming on the international scene as he has just signed a new deal with Barclays/Def Jam.
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