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Ayo & Teo: Billboard could have enlarged the list of the 100 most impactful songs of the decade

Is there still a need for presenting Ayo & Teo? The two great artists working together to produce hit songs such as ‘Rolex’ are among the ones belonging to a generation deeply impacted by a multiplicity of genres.
However, as in everything there can be some kind of unity, it is rather interesting to notice that ‘Rolex’ was released shortly after a massively successful song: Silento’s ‘Watch me’.
Well, that is actually no coincidence, is it?

Right after Silento contacted Billboard to tell them he’s got a major hit musical piece coming, the buzz started. Right after the release, lots of challenges and watch-me-like dance contests flourished here and there in the hip hop sphere.
Rolex got it takes to stay in the audience’s mind, so why doesn’t it have a line in the 100 most impactuf songs of the decade essay?
There is a limited space, isn’t it? Nonetheless, Ayo & Teo did get other forms of recognition luckily, as artists like ILoveMemphis and Zay Hilfigerr did.
For example, we will remember how fast Ayo & Teo got ranked 20 out of the weekly Billboard Hot 100 list.
That is consistent with the huge amount of views they have got from the music video as of October 2019 (namely 700 million) and from the sole audio (130 millions).