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Santa Sauce 2: Hamza project gathers a great crew for an amazing featuring

« Santa Sauce 2 »: that’s the compelling code name under which Hamza has been planning to release his new project on streaming platforms on Thursday the 19th of December.
While announcing it, the fans have been nicely surprised that their favourite artist has been collaborating with major players such as Damso, Young ADZ, Gambi or even Koba LaD.

That amazing new musical art piece, full of featuring, gets the following tracklist:
<li>1. Belek</li>
<li>2. God bless ft. Damso</li>
<li>3. Gs up Hoes down</li>
<li>4. Go back</li>
<li>5. Benzo ft Young ADZ</li>
<li>6. Sans signes</li>
<li>7. Oseille</li>
<li>8. late nights</li>
<li>9. Gasolina ft Gambi</li>
<li>10. Embourgeoise</li>
<li>11. Jon Snow</li>
<li>12. Bac+12 ft Koba LaD</li>

The initiative comes handy for Hamza as a career kickstarter, as he’s announced right before Christmas, the opening of a brand new pop-store right in Paris, dealing with a bunch of creativity turned into fabrics.
The Saucegod’s Christmas Gift Shop might just be then the perfect place for the artist who shall be selling his new creations right on the spot. His great outfits have indeed been developed by professionals, making the most of the knowledge of big names such as Levi’s, Nike and New Era technology.