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Sean Paul teams up with Buju Banton on « Trust »

When artists point out the cellphone as an issue

With a sense of speed, reminding the fast-paced revolution in which our society is sinking in, instant satisfaction provided by our smartphone is emphasized in a music video depicting Buju Banton and Sean Paul.

In ‘Trust’, the two artists point out the negative impact at every level of our relationships of the over consumption of our disconnecting connected devices.

Full of Jamaican rhythm inspirations, this art piece signed by Buju Banton sends a very clear message to his fans, accumulating some strong images from the beginning of the video, filled with violence. A deceived girlfriend, a knife, popping up fire flames and a destroyed smartphone are quite enough to understand. The producers behind the project haven’t forgotten though the usual code to render an eye-grabbing video: night club lights and well shaped suggestively dancing ladies are also there.

The appearance of Sean Paul, giving Buju Banton video a bit of nostalgic authority, finds an echo during the first scenes when the smartphone seems to be used for creating business opportunities. The name of famous producer Dave Kelly appearing in a text message conversation with Buju Banton, the producer doesn’t seem to be willing to serve a black and white interpretation.</p>

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