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OEFF music video by Poke and Yung Felix: the unexpected viral success

Dutch hip hop and rap music videos are not famous for getting viral. But sometimes it does happen.

Shot in Los Angeles, the perfect spot for any wannabe modern artist, be it dancers or musicians, the very last music video Yung Felix has to offer leaves us restless.

Is it about the music itself, conjugating simple rhythms and yet dance appealing sonorities? Or is it more about how Framez Productions Video manages to finely render the catchy tune on screen?

Well, it might be a bit of both, even though the 11 million views on the YouTube channel seem to point the direction for us.

Few ingredients are to be listed indeed for reaching such an achievement:

– a hot roller skating babe
– a fancy open place seemingly close to Hollywood<
– two artists far from being unknown

The golden combination Poke and Yung Felix represent apparently fits in perfectly.
Thus, OEFF, part of a freshly released album titled Yung Pokro and featuring Bizzey, Poke and Yung Felix, has nothing to prevent it from rising fast and become a major success.
Along with Chopper, Baby Momma and a few other collaborative works, we could ask if YouTube is ready for the future music videos.
So, Yung Felix, what’s next?