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Tom Hooper inspired ‘Cats’ will change the game: Jason Derulo’s movie

We get inspiration everywhere we can, sometimes, when we are lucky, from mixed artistic experiences. Well, that seems to be the case at the very least for Jason Derulo.

Along with Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift, he has been playing around as a fellow cat of the main characters leading the story that British director Tom Hooper has been giving life to.
Finally released in UK cinema on December 20, ‘Cats’ is a lovely musical comedy, just the way we like them, augmented with amazing 3D technology.
Not only will it be a nice show to put in the collection of movies Jason Derulo is making for himself, it also seems to him that it has been a great experience from a music video producing perspective.
He apparently got mind blown by the 3D aspect of the movie, especially the effects rendered on screen by the digital fur.
The ability to get a sense of volume rather than the plain flat that usual music videos have to stick to got the full attention of the artist.
The pop star starring in the British comedy and playing Rum Tum Tugger has been studying owing to YouTube video library how cats move around and behave.
Deeply inspired by this experience, Tom Hooper is also to be seen soon in a biographical movie dealing with Neil Bogart.
Sounds like a fine next step, right Jason? What? Cat got your tongue?