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See Tainy, Sean Paul, Cazzu, Mozart La Para Squad Up in New ‘Lento’ Video

« Lento »: a seemingly sober codename for Tainy’s new release. Second single released recently by the Puerto Rican producer, that track serves well the promotion of his EP titled « The Kids Who Grew Up on Reggaeton ».

The most noticeable features work altogether quite well all along for providing a fine cocktail of talents from everywhere around: Jamaican, Dominican and Argentina influences are indeed taking the lead.
Representing a tribute to huge names such as Sean Paul, Mozart La Para or Cazzu, that new hit title conveys a very evocative meaning: ‘Lento’, aka ‘Slow’.
The composition, made out of electronic beats pacing fine vocals, is not the only piece of art now out there with Tainy’s initiative, as the music video shows.

A very inspired set depicts an action taking place in what’s left of cliche educational facilities.
The scenario kind of stands for a visual expression of what Tainy tries to communicate about Latin-Caribbean musical legacy.

The producer is definitely excited about the outcomes of this legends combination experiment, as he confessed in a press release.
Well, Tainy, that’s a great initiative, and you surely aren’t the only one thrilled by what’s going to come next after that collaborative performance!

Rolling Stone News

Puerto Rican producer Tainy enlists an international crack team of hitmakers for his brand-new song, “Lento.” It’s the second single off his upcoming EP, The Kids Who Grew Up on Reggaeton.

At first glance, the features on “Lento” read like a randomized hodgepodge of Latin-Caribbean talent. Jamaican living legend Sean Paul is joined by two young MCs who bubbled up from the urbano underground: Argentine trap princess, Cazzu, and Dominican rapper Mozart La Para.

True to the name “Lento,” which translates to “Slow,” the new track is an unhurried dembow with brooding, electronic undercurrents — offset by Paul’s trumpeting vocals, plus Cazzu and Mozart’s skittering rhymes. In the new video, Paul plays a highly sought-after oracle of sorts, who holds court in the heart of an abandoned school.

“I am really excited to be able to bring together these three legendary artists who possess such different styles of music, to be able to create something as unique as ‘Lento,’” Tainy said in a press statement.

“I’ve worked with Tainy before [on tracks like] ‘Contra La Pared,’” Paul added. “He’s an amazing producer. Mozart La Para… is so natural with his style and known to be a freestyle champion. MLP introduced me to Cazzu and I feel like what she did on the track was fire. Lento to the world! Mad!”

The Kids Who Grew Up on Reggaeton is set for release spring 2020 on Interscope Records.