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Marwa Loud « Allez les gros »

Tired of getting bullied because of her appearance, Marwa definitely decided this time to play on the opponent field. That seems to have been proven productive, considering how powerful and creative the lyrics, flying over pacing melodies, carry hearts away.

Unfortunately, it has not been understood by everyone for it says it all: it is a basic refusal to follow standards that are just impossible to match for everyone. That everlasting quest for communities approval is of a wicked nature, and that is what she means in those lyrics of hers.

The meaningful message conveyed indeed by her last hit titled « Allez les gros » (French for « Come on fatties »), featuring Naza, is all about redefining oneself self-esteem, building it once again from scratch without paying too much attention to mainstream music industry codes that give women an ideal image to fit: perfect bodies for a perfect standardization.
Literally laughing at fat phobic haters, she takes listeners by the hand for a funny journey beyond complexes owing to a very cozy sense of humor in every words that is just as refreshing as her rhythms. Compelling everyone to do the same, she unfortunately could expect a backfiring set of comments, which indeed occurred.