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Meryl chez Juliette Fievet, qui donne la parole aux grands acteurs des cultures urbaines

« Légendes urbaines », presented by Juliette Fievet, is to be counted among those radio show that dig a bit deeper for shaping the actual faces behind huge names of urban music scenes. Their thoughts, their scars, their dreams… are all unveiled for grasping a better sense of who really are those artists behind rhythms and rhymes.
Recently, Juliette has invited Meryl for spending few hours discussing her past as a melodist in the shadow for Soprano, SCH or even Niska, but also to explain what is behind the very first solo of the « Tubeuse à gage », titled « Jour avant caviar ».
During the interview, a few surprises are to be expected for Meryl, namely a question from her own father and the help of Mikkyn, who is eager to share with Martinique rapper Meryl and listeners over radio waves what’s actually up recently about school bullying in France.
A rendez-vous Meryl early fans shall not miss and a delightful moment to figure out a bit more about the human that the maybe somewhat engaged young musician.
Left to be found also on Instagram and Youtube, stay tuned!