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Meryl Mixtape

« Jour avant Caviar », mixing a common word, yet not without any meaning for French language is rich of idioms, with a very connoted term inspiring wealth, Meryl has been cooking quite a mixtape indeed.

Inspired by Specta, while growing along with several Martinique melodies her father ensured she could get exposed to from early age, Meryl starts in rap world owing to her ghostwriter skills. Cumulating collaborations with different artists, she finally ends up building a portfolio as well as a well nurtured network including SCH, Niska and Tima, among many major names.

On her way to the old world, she realizes that journey of hers has multiple destinations, one being: success.
Developing indeed her own hits, apart from her ghostwriting insights, she finally decided to send that mixtape of hers, titled « Jour avant Caviar » this February 2020 for swimming in the grown up pool.
Pretty clever move, it seems, considering how fast she climbed fame steps.
Her music video « Coucou » has not taken too long for following that flow, surprisingly paced, such a way that it is told Meryl new coming challenger is one of a kind. That ability to shake the commonly accepted rap codes is just the top of the iceberg, what’s next Meryl?

Meryl est disponible via FME Booking pour l’organisation de Club shows et festivals avec FME-Booking.