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Sean Paul & Tik Tok « Get Busy » Challenge

Knight of Jamaica, father of two, rhymes master and industry leader constantly redefining the limits of his genre, Sean Paul cannot help but pulling rap enthusiasts’ expectations up every time.
That’s indeed once again what is clearly about to happen with Paul last released « Calling On Me » collaboration. Along with that great excerpt of his coming album, Sean Paul is sharing more of his thoughts about how other major names such as Rihanna’s are helping the state of art to evolve and get improved.

During an interview he’s given to MTV News, he explained what last TikTok’s « Get Busy » challenge the female icon helped him to realize, namely: the limits of his own art.
Now emphasizing the importance of offering dancehall a well deserved recognition, Sean Paul admits he has been very surprised to be asked who’s been using TikTok, that he is not very much into (on the contrary to Instagram), to propose a remix of his early work. He’s also made clear he would very much like to know who is the great artist behind the now popular basis of the « Get Busy » challenge.