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Saty Djelass, the elder brother of Maitre Gims & Dadju is finally launching his solo career with a first single « Juste une danse » in Pop Urban musical genre. Inspired by Michaël Jackson and the congolese music of his father Djanana Djuna -singer of the legendary Papa Wemba – he is currently working on his first album, a mixture of Afro & Pop Urban Music, to be released before end of the year with prestigious guests.

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After the younger brother of Gims, the older brother! Saty Djelass embarks on a solo career in turn, with a first single, « Juste une danse ». He is currently preparing a first album, full of promises and rich in prestigious collaborations.
Music is truly in the DNA of the family. The father of the three singing brothers was himself a singer with the legendary Papa Wemba in the group « Viva la Musica ».
Fan of Michael Jackson, Saty Djelass arrives with his own style, inspired by Congolese music, but also by the music of the late King of Pop.
The one who collaborated in rap with Passi, Stomy Bugsy, or Singuila, goes solo after a radical change of style.
Indeed, although little known, the musical career of Saty already has more than twenty years. In the 1990s, while a teenager, he founded his first collective with his friends: the « Teenager Clan », already at the time very inspired by Michael Jackson. Later, he will join the collective « Synchro« , made up in particular of the two big stars of french rap Passi and Stomy Bugsy. His first outstanding work will be a soundtrack of the movie « Samourai », where he sang with Ol Kainry. After a stint in the United States where he met the teams of Jay-Z and Eminem, he continued his collaborations with the big names of rap such as Assassin. Already at the time, he collaborated with Gims, Dadju, but also the other musicians of the family, to the point of being taken on stage. He notably sang on the Bercy stage with Gims and Dadju.
And it is finally in 2017 that he changed his musical style and get closer to what he has always loved: pop and afro music. It is the combination of these two styles that made him a real star in his native Congo, and soon in France.
Now working with Universal, he is working on his first album, which will be released on December 11, 2020. In the meantime, he continues his collaborations with other artists including his brothers, and we can enjoy the first single, « Juste une danse ».
The main quality of Saty Djelass: his voice, so particular that it is recognizable among a thousand. This enthusiast seems to have a bright future with his afro-pop style, a real fusion to give music quite apart.

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